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What about coaching conflicts or special scheduling requests?

You may coach more than one team in the tournament. If you have two teams, we will make every effort to avoid scheduling conflicts. If you are involved in more than two teams then we cannot guarantee that there will not be conflicts. We DO NOT consider special scheduling requests for any outside events (other soccer games, other sports or activities, religious services, etc.) Some games may be scheduled on Friday night for local teams only, to help avoid conflicts. Teams from outside the Omaha metro area will not be scheduled for Friday games unless they specifically indicate their availability for Fridays in the application comments.

How much parking is available?

Like most soccer tournaments, parking will be tight and we encourage carpooling whenever possible.

The La Vista Sports Complex has two parking lots (East & West sides of 66th street), either may be used. Please follow the directions of the police and parking enforcement officers on duty to keep the flow of traffic as efficient as possible. Do not park along the shoulders on 66th Street, you will be towed. 

Please do not park in the fire lanes or other marked off areas, or in any other areas that are specifically marked for no soccer parking.  

There is NO charge for parking at any tournament site.

What are your Team Eligibility requirements?

This tournament is open to any teams in good standing with a US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, or USSSA affiliation. For younger teams outside of the system (for example, YMCA U10 and younger teams) we may be able to accommodate you with temporary US Youth Soccer registration though there may be an increased fee for this. Younger "in-house" teams may participate as long as teams are registered with their state association and a valid roster and ALL check-in materials are available - including medical releases. League play is not a prerequisite for tournament acceptance.

What are your Player Eligibility requirements?

Players must be in good standing with their state association and have a current valid player pass to participate. Club passes are allowed as long as the tournament roster is filled out correctly. 8U and younger players do not need player passes, but a valid roster from your sanctioning organization must be provided.

Players may play for only one team in the tournament - no exceptions. If a player is rostered on two teams, they must play for the team where they are listed as the primary player. Due to the expected weather and heat conditions we do not want players to participate in more than two games per day. Players in violation of this will be red-carded and all teams they play for will be disqualified. 

HOTELS - Is our team required to stay at a tournament - affiliated hotel?

Yes, for teams outside the Omaha metro area that are planning to stay overnight this is a Stay to Play tournament.

Our hotel coordinator GCI Travel. Your can reserve your rooms at this link or by calling Chree at 913-660-7764 or Lori at 913-660-7768  Per our contractual agreement with GCI, in exchange for their services we agree not to accept travel teams who are not in compliance with the Stay to Play requirements. It is important that you book under your team or club name (if multiple teams are booking at the same hotel) so GCI can verify with us which teams are in compliance. If individual players or families have relatives / friends to stay with in the Omaha area that is fine, as long as the majority of the team is making a good faith effort to stay in an affiliated hotel your application will remain in good standing. 

How many guest players can I have?

You can have up to three (3) guest players per team with proper documentation. If you need an exception to this please contact the tournament director ahead of time. No guest players from Nebraska State Soccer Premier (Level 1) teams or above, or their out of state equivalents are allowed.

What if my team doesn't have the proper or complete documentation at check-in time?


Teams without a valid roster or travel papers will be allowed to participate in the tournament as a provisional team, but will not be eligible to advance to Semi-Finals or Finals games. If something is missing during the initial check in process, teams may have until the start of their second game to fully produce all necessary forms and paperwork. Otherwise all of a provisional team's games will be treated as friendlies and recorded as 3-0 forfeit wins for the opponents. Provisional teams are not eligible for refunds.

If a roster or other registration paperwork is supplied on time but is later found to be inaccurate (including, but not limited to, ineligible players or coaches) your status may revert to that of a provisional team and all previous games will be adjusted. Further sanctions, up to and including disqualification from further participation, may also apply. It is the coach's responsibility to ensure all documentation supplied to the tournament is accurate and complete.

Players without valid passes or medical release forms will NOT be allowed to play in any games until such paperwork is produced to the tournament director's (or their designated representatives) satisfaction. Passes or medical releases my be produced at any point during the tournament to restore eligibility for remaining games. However, players must be on the team roster presented when the team checks in, no players may be added once a team has checked in.

Where to I get forms needed for check in?

Medical Releases, Guest Player forms, and Permission to Travel forms (if applicable) should all be gotten from your State Soccer Association. These forms differ from state to state and we do not keep current copies of them all on this website.

How do I sign up to referee at the tournament?

Referees - please see the signup instructions and other forms under the Information tab.

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